“Over the years I’ve been afforded the opportunity to guide at various exclusive resorts in the Maldives, Indonesia, Hawaii and Central America. I can honestly say that Yoga in Nicaragua is as sacred as it gets for connecting with the elements and ourselves. As a breath-work/ meditation and yoga facilitator I am often seeking out unique places to hold my workshops, usually with some kind of nature component if at all possible. The opportunity to hold my Conscious Breath Workshop this year in Nicaragua at Yoga In Nicaragua was a blessing and a huge treat. The setting couldn’t be any more ideal had I designed it myself. In the jungle perched on a mountain yet coastal with a breathtaking view of the ocean through the foliage off the front of shala. Divine is a word that comes to mind. Large breezes would blow through the trees during our immersion which felt like the universe was alive and with us on the journey…. and it definitely was. Organizing the event with owner Zivile was effortless. We met on her property and she also attended the event. I found her serene and welcoming energy a perfect match to her tranquil sanctuary. Thank you for everything Zivile and we must do it again soon.” - Derek Thomas - nationally certified Yoga/Breath-work/Meditation Facilitator

'In June of 2017, I brought a group of students and friends to Guasacate on my first ever fitness retreat. Most people hadn't been to Central America and so had no idea what to expect. I was also nervous about how comfortable everyone would feel when they arrived. Thankfully, Zivile and Mike had arranged beautiful and luxurious accommodations for us and everyone was more than pleasantly surprised. They had planned a schedule that was full of adventure, and activity and also respectful of their desire to relax and restore. Zivile and Mike made themselves fully available to me and the group, always around to answer questions and rearrange plans to better fit people's needs. My Philly group, left very fulfilled by their Nicaraguan experience. Many of them arrived as strangers and left as friends. I am very grateful to Zivile and Mike for helping make our first retreat so special!' - Katie Gould owner of KGStrong, Philadelphia

'I recently co-hosted a week-long yoga and acupuncture retreat in Guasacate, Nicaragua that was completely fantastic! Mike and Zivile were incredibly thoughtful, putting together a retreat where everything was seamlessly supportive, including the transportation, accommodations, the activities and treatments, recreation, the incredibly fresh food, all in a country where things we take for granted in America, like electricity and food supply, are not at all certain! Zivile is one of the most thoughtful and resourceful yoga instructors I have experienced, and I and the other participants were blown away by her ability. This was the first retreat of it’s kind I have hosted, and for it to be so successful is a testament to their vision and imagination all the way through to execution. I can’t imagine myself working with anybody else!' - Kara Szumski, Acupuncturist and owner of Ease Healing Philadelphia

' I have been on a lot of retreats and I've never felt as relaxed and safe and cared for as on this one, wow! You and Kara went just above and beyond and I am very grateful to you both.  It helped that you are both super cool and I loved hanging out with you.  Missing your yoga style.  Trying to find Anusara type classes - there are so many studios and mostly all flow type classes!! But I'm on it. :). - Sharyn Glowatz NYC, Mind Body Spirit Time Out retreat 2017

'Thank you SO much for everything last week. What a trip! I'll be honest, after having a summer of so much travel and the accompanying disruption to my routine at home, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to bring the right amount of connection and mindfulness to our retreat. But those concerns melted away when we got to your doorstep and were placed in your welcoming hands. It was simply perfect. Days later, everyone is still telling me how relaxed and healthy I look, and I feel the effects even as I have confronted the reality of getting back to work. And I may have singlehandedly recruited 12 people to come back with me next time! Thank you so much for everything, really!' - Kristen E. Murray Philadelphia, Mind Body Spirit Time Out retreat 2017

'Thanks "Z" for an amazing experience doing yoga at Ola Popoyo over the past two weeks. As a beginner I felt less intimidated under your guidance. You have a wonderful calming spirit which helped me start the day refreshed and happy. I will try to keep practicing back home!' - Deanne Allen Calgary, Canada.


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